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Internachi certified

Trusted by InterNACHI

Your mentors at Arizona Parallel Inspections are experienced Certified Professional Inspectors. We don't just teach you how to inspect a home, but to also be creative and think out-of-the-box while inspecting and running your home inspection business.

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30 FREE Spectora Reports

We partnered with Spectora to offer an exclusive free 30 parallel inspection reports to our trainees instead of the usual five free reports. We'll provide you an AZBTR-compliant template you can use in the future, saving you tons of hours creating your own.


Discounts for ICTA students

Students of Inspection Career Training Academy (ICTA) get an exclusive discount for each parallel inspection. Save up to $50/inspection if you're an ICTA trainee.

Be Mentored by the best home inspectors Throughout arizona

We'll Connect You With the Best Licensed Home Inspectors in Arizona

Need to complete parallels, but don’t live in the Phoenix area? We have Parallel inspectors statewide - from Flagstaff to Tucson and in between! There are no other inspection companies in Arizona that offer in-house parallel inspections who make it this easy, efficient, and quick for trainee home inspectors.

Inspection report writing doesn't have to take forever. We'll teach our secrets to a more efficient report-writing so you can focus on growing your home inspection business and doing things you love.

Taught by Experienced Local Professional Inspectors

We vet our Parallel Mentor Inspectors so you are mentored by the best in the home inspection business. We teach you beyond just home inspecting!

AZBTR-Compliant, Modern Inspection Report Templates

We have perfected a user-friendly template that you will get access to. We will ensure each student writes a report that includes all 84 state required items. These reports will be saved and accessible for future use. View our sample reports.

Get Thorough, Helpful Feedback

The Parallel Mentor inspectors will read every report the student writes and give feedback to ensure all student reports are ready for state BTR review. 

Exclusive FREE 30 Inspection Reports with Spectora

By the time you start your home inspection business, you’ll have plenty of sample home inspection reports to impress your agents and clients.

Parallel Inspection Pricing

Single Parallel Pricing

$ 125 Per Inspection
  • Pay for each parallel inspection individually

Bulk Pricing

$ 2700 for 30 Parallel Inspections
  • Save $300 when you pay for all 30 parallel inspections up front
Best Value


$ 525 for 5 Parallel Inspections
  • Save $100 when you pay for 5 inspections at a time

What Our Students Have to Say

“I completed my 30 parallel inspections through a few different companies. Arizona Parallel Inspections was by far the most organized and educational. Not only did I learn a lot during the inspections, but was able to use one of the most user friendly softwares I have ever seen to write my reports. I would highly recommend Arizona Parallel Inspections."
A. Orosco
Arizona, USA