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Arizona Parallel Inspectors are the best in the business. Would you like to become one?

One of the most rewarding things an inspector can do is to pass on their knowledge. The industry needs good mentors who are willing to leave behind their legacy. 

Teach student inspectors not only how to inspect a home, but how to be creative, think outside the box, and to manage their time while inspecting. 

Teach them how to uphold and even raise the standards of our great industry.

API Parallel Mentor Inspectors are also the highest paid parallel inspectors in the area. You’re performing the inspection anyway, let us pay you extra to bring along up to 4 inspectors.

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What our Parallel Mentors Say

As a mentor who has conducted hundreds of parallel inspections I can honestly say Arizona Parallel Inspections has it down!! From the scheduling to the completely integrated report software, insurance coverage and total commitment to excellence in a VERY team oriented environment, I feel absolutely confident that Arizona Parallel Inspections provides the necessary tools needed for a meaningful, informative and fun experience for trainees and myself! So if you are a licensed Arizona home inspector and meet the states requirements for parallel instruction AND would like to earn extra $$$, I highly encourage you to become a parallel mentor with Arizona Parallel Inspections, they couldn’t make it any easier…you’ll be glad you did!
- J. Freestone
Arizona, USA
Arizona Parallel Inspections
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