Helpful Resources and Information on Arizona Parallel Inspections

What is a Parallel inspection?

“Parallel Inspection” means a home inspection completed by an applicant during the application process that is supervised by a certified home inspector acting as the Parallel Inspector, in the presence of no more than three other applicants. 

The applicant shall produce a written report for each Parallel Inspection, which the supervising certified home inspector, serving as the Parallel Inspector, shall review, analyze, correct, and return to the applicant within 10 calendar days after receiving the written report. 

The Parallel Inspector shall notate and instruct the applicant so that each report meets the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors. The applicant shall not perform any fee-paid Home Inspections during this Parallel Inspection period. 

What's Required of a Parallel Inspector?

“Parallel Inspector” means an Arizona Certified Home Inspector who performs parallel inspections for a home inspector applicant so that the applicant can obtain a certification to conduct home inspections. 

A Parallel Inspector shall be in good standing with the Board and shall not have received any disciplinary action from the Board within the preceding three years.

 The Parallel Inspector shall have been continuously certified by the Board as a Home Inspector for at least three years and shall have conducted at least 250 fee-paid home inspections in the State of Arizona. 

The Applicant shall provide a signed Affidavit from the Parallel Inspector affirming that the Parallel Inspector has met this criteria to the Board with the application for certification. 

More Information on Parallel Inspections

 The 30 parallel inspections and home inspection report shall meet the standards in R4-30-301.01 and be retained by the applicant for at least two years from the date of application.

The applicant shall conduct these inspections on separate residential dwelling units and shall list them on a log provided by the Board. 

The log shall include, with respect to each inspection, the address of the property, the date of the inspection, and the name and certification number of the supervising home inspector. 

The Board may hold the applicant’s package for a period of one year based solely on the need for time to permit the applicant to complete the required parallel inspections. 

All time- frames promulgated under A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6, Article 7.1 are suspended during this period.

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